Limits of This Page’s Purpose

Since this web site has a specific purpose (to catalog all of the different-looking costumes Spider-Men and their clones have worn), I have determined that these do not count as costume changes:

  • Webbing covering wounds and/or openings on costume
  • Wounds or openings on costume
  • All of those dang action figures
  • Web or no web armpits for every costume
  • Unintended costume variations
  • Eye size
  • Minor chest-spider variations
  • Mistakes on artist’s part (i.e. colors wrong, no spider, etc.)
  • Hats and headgear worn by Spidey
  • Eye Color (Silver or white are most common)
  • Foreign substance smeared or splattered on him
  • People impersonating Spider-Man without modifying the costume
  • Covers of comic books where the costume does not appear in-continuity with anything, even if it’s Earth-2312359871234987
  • For alternate realities, the character should either have the identity Peter-Parker (clones listed on a separate page) or go by the name “Spider-Man”
  • I am aware not all of the costumes follow all of these rules