Spider-Man’s Last Stand

Posted by on Thursday, May 2nd, 2013

He Appeared in: Amazing Spider-Man 499, 500

Don’t tell me you missed out on these milestone issues! Gah! In these two, current-day Peter has flash-forwards to his last days. In these scenes, he’s in a stand-off with the police in a cemetary. It appears that Spider-Man has killed someone, but I’m not too sure who or why. Instead of running away, he decides to fight. He does pretty well for a while, until he gets a shotgun blast in his back. Ouchie.


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Earth X Spidey

Posted by on Thursday, May 2nd, 2013

Costume of the Month for August 2000 is…

Earth-X Spider-Man

He Appeared in: The Earth X Mini-Series and Universe X Mini-Series.

Peter Parker had long since retired as Spidey and you can tell by his amazingly large gut. His daughter (May) has taken over his role but has the Venom symbiote. The only other differences are there is no chest spider and no gloves.

exsman2 exsman exsman3

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Posted by on Thursday, May 2nd, 2013

He Appeared in: Spider-Girl #5


Here is Spidervenom. It is venom when it takes over Peter Parker in the future. Oddly enough, May Parker’s spider sense seems to react to it. Whether this is some kind of biological attachment to her father’s spider sense or because the symbiote was created to override Peter’s spider sense and no others. It is probably the last option or a mistake on the writer’s part.
~Thanks to Jserio for the pic and info above!

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