Video Games

Here’s a table Chris made with various costume appearances in a bunch of video games that came out prior to like 15 years ago.

 Capcom GamesSpider-ManSpider-Man 2: EETony Hawk 2Mutant Academy 2
Classic CostumeXXXXX
Black instead of BlueX
Spider-ArmorXX X
Scarlet Spider XX
Quick Change XX
Ben Rielly XX
Amazing Bag-Man *X
Spidey Unlimited XX
Captain Universe XXX
S-Man 2099 XX
Symbiote XXXX
Peter Parker XX
Negative Zone  X
Alex Ross Protoype
Alex Ross Prototype
Insulated II  X
Dusk  X
Prodigy  X
Spider-Phoenix  X
Venom II  X
Battle Ravaged  X
Pool Party    X